Built for better AI research

Low-latency, torque-controlled and super-light.

DogBot is designed for researchers to test novel Artificial Intelligence in the physical world.

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A new breed of robot

The right specification to get the results you need, so you can publish more novel papers.


Lowest-in-class weight: 800mm high and less than 20kg, thanks to the carbon fibre chassis.


Power needs control: 28kW of power and torque-control results in more motion-planning options.


Navigate relevant environments: Get out of the lab and test at a human-scale. The curbs, stairs and rough terrain need your algorithms.


Interact with your data: 20,000Hz motor control and up to 1kHz communication over 500kbits/s CANbus.


Keep testing all day: Low-weight means less impact breakage, and batteries discharge slower to keep you and the DogBot walking – and running – for longer.


Get into the code: Open-source controller in C++ with Python gait algorithms and ROS wrapper.

Contribute to significant AI research without waiting years for grants

Engineered to be better value for research institutions, so you don’t have to develop your own robot or purchase outdated research projects from other labs.

Simple Startup

Safe operation procedures means you can take DogBot off the leash in university class rooms.

Maximise Access

Comprehensive Gazebo simulations let multiple students test ROS before they deploy.

Sensory Overload

Easily attach more sensors to the frame. Legs use convenient internal wiring.

Time to play

More uptime means more play time. Our design uses durable rubber bumpers to absorb shock and ensure you’re not spending your days looking for technicians.


One simple model to choose from – everything you need to get started. Then configure your optional perception and compute package before we ship your DogBot, or add you own.

  • Power Supply: Run the robot on treadmills without using up battery supply
  • Spare Batteries: So you can charge while you use
  • Flight Case: Transport DogBot to remote locations
  • Stand with hanging straps: Start by walking in the air!
  • And you get:
  • Manual: Thoroughly documented
  • Example Files: Walking code that works already
  • Software:
  • ROS stack
  • Control Software
  • Gazebo simulation
  • Configure an optional perception and compute package when your robot is ready.

Who's using DogBot?

Get students excited about your course

Students want to use the best hardware.

Increase your sign-up for your Masters programme by ensuring you have the latest in robotic hardware available for them to use. This is a quadruped designed so that every lab can have a cutting edge lightweight robot for robotics and AI research.

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